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August 11, 2015
"It all began to click with something I’d slowly been realizing about being a top.
That it wasn’t about any act. It was only about being yourself. A version of yourself with certain magnified aspects, sure, but genuine nonetheless. "

Rachel White, journalist & ForteFemme graduate


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Huffington Post blogger does ForteFemme!

Each woman who graduated had a different look than they did when we began. The nine of us bonded over our own journeys, and rejoiced in the fact that we were not alone in our quest. The nine of us all got something back that we desperately needed, and that was ourselves. I learned that all of my weird facets are to be embraced and not shunned. I learned to be unafraid of the woman that lurks inside me that is wholly terrifying and a force to be reckoned with. That is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, and I thankful to Midori every day for it. Vanessa Pinto, Blogger, Huffington Post.     Read her full experience: "Continually Seducing Consent: ForteFemme with Midori"

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August 2014

Dear Midori,

Home safe and sound, I left early Monday morning and arrived home later morning, my boyfriend had picked me up at the airport. The approach to him by the Queen walk made him blush and brighten his eyes like never before. :)

The Fortefemme workshop was fantastic unlike any other experience I have ever had, and you are absolutely brilliant!

The weekend left me revitalized and feeling something I have not felt in a long time.  Many moments(if not all) of the weekend were eye opening and your exercises were very revealing of my inner self. The sharing amongst all the Women was powerful and moving.  The challenges of looking so deep was soul searching and sometimes heart wrenching but leading to complete fulfillment.

I feel for the first time I have found a place of peace and true contentment and I know now the meaning when someone says it was so spiritual, Fortefemme has been just that to me.

Thank you for sharing your gift and helping me find my gift, which I will choose to now share with my partner with whom I already have an incredible relationship with. With the new found knowledge and power, I now have the ability to deepen the relationship everyday.

Midori you will always be strong in my thoughts and memory, what a powerful Woman you are!!  I will go through life everyday now, asking "What Would Please Me Now?"

With warm heart and fire within,

Ms Scorpio

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June 2015

I really enjoyed my time at ForteFemme-- I really connected with the experiences of other students and with Midori's approach. Most importantly I felt affirmed in some of my suspicions about the BDSM "scene" and aspects of its conventions which don’t work for me, and felt that the framework offered as well as the engagement of our class with Midori's approach gave me a way to realize an alternative. I began using some of Midori's concepts and tools before the workshop ended to dramatic effect; I can safely say that my relationships have already improved as a result of taking the course and I was able to make new connections I look forward to developing in the future. I never have to many confidants, conspirators and like-minded friends. This was a wonderful way to build more links to a group of people I think can help me to build a better self and a more fun experience for myself during the short time I have on the planet.  - Kate G

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Midori’s Forte Femme workshop is in a class of its own, like Midori herself. Unique in scope and depth, Midori’s theory is psychologically sound. The atmosphere she creates is sex positive, empowering, and authentic―from the heart. Midori’s teaching goes to the core of BDSM, and even takes a step beyond kink to include profound truths about human sexuality and power that impact our daily lives. Whether you want to develop your sexual style or delve deeper into truths you have already recognized, Midori’s work will inspire and empower you. If you want to deepen your understanding of human desires and appetites and feel more confident expressing yourself sexuality, Midori’s teachings are for you. - Robin Rose, NY NY

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What a great weekend. Midori is a superb educator--one of the best that I've worked with on any topic. The exercises and demos were outstanding and the practice sessions/ labs were amazing. The workshop helped me translate my unique experiences and personality into a number of different roles/personas that I can have fun with as part of my dom repertoire. I now understand myself and my partner better, and I have a better instinct for how to make things exciting and successful. Midori's "negotiation" process has been a particularly helpful new skill to have. It was great to get to know Midori and the other women and to learn from them in a casual, relaxed and warm atmosphere. We laughed a lot. Forte Femme was a transformational experience. - Molly.

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Between the charts on power and sensation, the extremely hot and creative demonstrations and having the opportunity to put our learning into practice with sexy lab partners I now feel more confident actualizing my desires. And seriously I can't stop fantasizing about all the new kinky things I want to do to the hot people around me. - Ginger C.

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Writing about Forte Femme is a challenge because the 20+ hours of instruction, conversation, sharing and exercises transformed my understanding of BDSM and what it means to be a Dominant. What Midori teaches is a way to throw out the pre-packaged porn/kink community ideas of what a Domme is and connect to our inner selves who want to play in that space.  Then she teaches a way to use that knowledge to connect with our partners so that you can create mind-bending scenes that leave everyone happy. For myself, I did the lab component with a bottom that Midori provided. Using her teachings, we co-created a wonderful scene that left both of us feeling seen and cared for. And this was with a stranger which tells me that her approach works. On
top of this, Midori doesn't waste any time - there was no point that I wondered, 'why am I here?'. I totally recommend this course to anyone who is serious about finding and expressing their inner Dominant -  in play, love and life.
- Miss.Vinita

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The seminar taught me how to negotiate a scene, to find my inner domme strength and always remember the scene is about what it does for me, as well as negotiating aftercare and how to end the scene. And flogging. These were technical skills, but what I really got out of the seminar was the confidence to get what I want out of any scene. - Buffy L.

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The ForteFemme weekend  was awesome.  I got everything I wanted to get out of the weekend and more.  I am a switch and my primary goal for the weekend was to become more comfortable with my dominant side.  Before the weekend I had an idea in my head of what a really dominant woman looked like and acted like, and I did not fit that picture.  Because of this I never quite felt comfortable with myself in a dominant role.  By nature I am a very tactile and sensual person.  I don't  talk a lot during a scene.  I thought that to be a "real dominant" I needed to talk more.  I never liked being called "Mistress" but I thought I had to learn to like it. 

During the weekend I learned that being dominant means doing what pleases me.  When I am in my dominant space I am in control.  I get to decide how much or little I say, what I will be called, and that my mood can change.  I get to be bitchy, or loving, or sadistic, as long as I have an agreement with whoever I am with.  That brings me to another highlight of the weekend,  learning better negotiating skills. I thought I knew how to negotiate well but now I can do it even better.  Midori helped me to understand BDSM, D/s, and vanilla in a way that enables me to  be more comfortable with the different sides of myself and others so that I can  have more fun.  I also picked up some new skills and ideas for scenes and  improved the ones I already have.  Lab time was a great experience. I was paired with someone who could not have been more perfect for me had I chosen them myself.  It was a great opportunity to practice all that I had learned.

After this weekend  I am consciously deciding what my intentions are and actualizing them in my scenes and my relationships. I don't feel like I am pretending to be dominant when I am in  my dominant space. When I choose to be dominant  I feel dominant in my heart and in my soul, and I owe it all to Midori and the fabulous women who shared the Forte Femme weekend with me. - Zelda

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I arrived a newbie who was scared, undereducated, and unsure of whether I would see the weekend through. …. I left the weekend, still a newbie, but one with a greater awareness and understanding of alternative sexual appetites, a lightening up of my perspective, and with an increased compassion, love and understanding for myself and my sweetie's desires.... I would say to any woman considering this weekend: You will get out of the experience what you put into it. GO FOR IT, whatever your 'IT' is. If you don't know, you will find 'IT'! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. - Tina H.

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Dear Midori,
I took your ForteFemme workshop in March 2010 and it has turned out to be the best educational experience I've had since starting down this path several years ago. It's quite obvious you put a lot into a weekend like this and I'm sure most write you shortly after thanking you. Quite a bit of time has passed since the workshop and I want you to know that weekend literally changed the quality of my play for the better.  There were so many aspects about that weekend that I benefited from like the incredible educational information, the great contacts, our field trip and that wonderful one on one flogging lesson you provided me at the club. But the two things that made the biggest impact for me were the "2 questions" and the negotiating techniques.  I ask myself those "2 questions" every single time I play and find I use them in other aspects of my life as well.  The negotiating was one of the most challenging aspects of the weekend for me.  I was REALLY nervous to put into play what you taught me but it has turned out to be the most enjoyable aspect of my play now.  You are a wonderful host.  The food was fabulous and the setting was so intimate and comfortable I found it impossible not to open up.    

So, thank you for that life-changing experience and I still maintain you need to do a Forte Femme II workshop.  I'll be the first to sign up!!!

With much appreciation,
- Sue V. from Chicago

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Midori spins magic!  She has unparallel knowledge and is an engaging teacher who presents her wisdom with great humbleness and respect.  I have tremendous gratitude for the way that you held space for me to navigate the rough terrain as I journeyed deep.  I'm feeling liberated, joyful, powerful, playful and steadfast in my desire to create pleasure in all aspects of my life. I am irrevocably changed for the better. - Sheryl W. from Canada. 

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ForteFemme was a deeply transformative weekend. Using our "hearts, heads, then hands", the activities of the   weekend were consistently engaging and exciting.

With Midori's wealth of knowledge and experience, there truly could not have been a better facilitator. Midori's guidance ensured safety, and freedom from any pretentiousness, allowing us as a group to quickly create solidarity and go deep. We were supported to rid ourselves of any expectations of what we'd been led/tricked into believing what/who/how a femme dome was supposed to be, and in turn left understanding a variety of appetites that are all okay to be part of our play, as long as it pleases us.

The lab portion was brilliant, and left me feeling assured I had made the right choice in participating in the weekend. While my parter was my trainer bottom, the trainer bottoms that were brought in by Midori were a shockingly perfect match for everyone. It was so fun to play and use our new knowledge immediately.

All of us participants are anticipating keeping in touch, and also are all looking forward to our next workshops with Midori.
- S. Pink:
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Thank you one thousand times over for this weekend.  I signed up wanting to stretch myself as a dominant, but I had no idea just how far the weekend's activities would take me.  Through your intensive, I found my strong, powerful, and very feminine dominant voice.  I was hoping to learn skills to fake confidence, but instead you taught me how to tap into my natural confidence.  I went from stressing about "what do I do next" to taking control and confidently moving the scene however *I* wanted it to go.  I am thrilled to be able to bring that energy to my relationship and excited to test it out on new victims, er I mean bottoms!  Also, I have learned that train stations are an excellent place to practice the Queen's walk.  :-)

I'm going to try to follow up again a couple months from now -- I have a feeling that the intensive affected my life in many more ways that I can even conceive of right now!
- Gabby